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Creator of Dance Specific Training & Be Fit and Sensual
The methodology and the way this MOVEment is growing is all coming from "Coach Sebastians" endless vision for how we together will change the way dancers approach their lives.
Read more about Sebastian here
Tanja "La Alemana"
The Creator of Island Touch and Bachata Icon
Tanja more known as La Alemana is the Bachata Sensuals leading icon together with her partner Ataca. Not only is she an amazing Dancers but also deep into Dance Specific Training. Tanja recently released her "Queen Sculpting Program" together with BFAS
Dave Glad
Videographer & Development
"I urge to help more people finding their way to a healthy life. I feel blessed being a part of this amazing community and being able to put this MOVEment into videos"
Maria Puntí
Nutrition and Holostic Living Expert
"If you want to change your life or habits but don't know how, finding a coach is the key. Don't be scared of looking for the best solution for you"
Judith Corder
Bachata Queen and the creator of Bachata Sensual
Judith has been organizing parts of the Be Fit And Sensuals Yearly Festivals. Not only is she the Queen of Bachata and one of the creators of Bachata sensual together with Korke. She is also a Dancer who goes after her goals, and are teaching bachata at the absolute highest level there is
Marcio "Salvador" Rathino
International Hip Hop Dancer and Footwork Expert
"Sebastian coached me through my knee injuries and took me back to a level I thought was long gone. To have taken a part of his Dance Specific Training  early development has brought some serious new levels to this game we all call dance"
Economy & Law
Mary, "the godmother" 
 Creator of A-Live Story
Therese amazing contribution to our dance community have just started and will become an undeniable source of inspiration for any dancer. If you have not already heard her interviews with the top dancers on this planet, make sure to do it now!
Angela Zoghbi
Media Edit
Angela, from Beirut Lebanon is a super important player in our team who contributes her creativity and skills to the dance community through her experience in media and creation
Sales Generator
Ana-Sofia, our amazing sales generator that bring so much value to our company with her spirit of constant self improvment and mental studdies that is contagious on a spiritual level
For you who wants to get guidance
We want to guide you!
Book a call with the team

In this call we run over

  • Where are you now: to be able to move forward we need to first see clearly where we are right now. Without this foundation it's hard to take the next step
  • Where do you want to go: We talk about your WHY and your MOVIE Ending. What is it that you actually want and why
  • Your roadblocks: We all have things that are or have been holding us back from going that extra mile, or sometimes even taking that "first step". With this knowledge we know how to look out for solutions for this things. It's a matter of accaptance and using obstacles as fuel and not something that is holding us back

    Lets get on this call Champ!
"In This MOVEment We Don't Share The Same Level Of Dance Or Even The Same Athletic Ability. 
But What We Do Share Is The Determination To Become Better Both On And Off The Dancer Floor And We Know That
 Together We Are Strong"
"Our Mission is to Impact the Lives of 10 Million Dancers World Wide" 

For you who wants to accelerate in top speed
What is your MOVE ENDING?

Not sure whats best for you?
Book a call with the team!

  • I don't have motivation: You need to ask youself about your movie ending and dig into your why. We help you with this
  • I Want to get back in shape: You simply need a clear and specific roadmap
  • I want to push my Dance, Fitness, Mindset, Nutrition and/or Ambition to the next level: We have solutions for you that will take you to your goals in top speed. Are you becoming the next big star? Or are you looking to find more energy in your life?
    No matter where you are right now, we will take you to your goal!

For you if you want to train dance specific from your home
  •  Get access to over 70 hours of Dance Specific Training along videos
  •  Access the community
  • ​ Accountability
  •  ​For all levels
For you who wants to train dance specific from your home
  •  Get access to over 70 Hours of Dance Specific Training Along Videos
  •  Access the Community
  • ​ Accountability Partners
  •  ​For All Levels
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