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We help you become the version of yourself both on and off the dance floor

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If you have come this far champ, CONGRATULATIONS!

You are looking for help and we here at BFAS have different coaches with different skills

with 99.9% certainty, someone on this page can and will take you to your goals no matter your Current Level

Do you...
...Want to be a more energized parent?
...want to improve your health and/or dance?
...want to win the Olympics?
...Want to control the outcome of your life?

if you dare to speak your dream out loud enough times it will happen!

And that is why we are here.

To guide you on this journey.

An option for you:
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Send us an email:
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And we will take it from there!
BFAS Coaches
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                   We help you become the version of yourself both on and off the dance floor
"To have a coach is like buying time on a discount"
                   We help you become the version of yourself both on and off the dance floor
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Coach Sebastian
Lifestyle changes & Dance Specific Training 
Tanja Kensinger
Queen Coaching
Coach Malaika
Flexibility & Booty Progress
Maria Puntí
Nutrition Expert
"We Don't Share The Same Level Of Dance, Athletic Abilities, or The Same Mental Goals...

...But What We Do Share Is The Determination To Become a Little Bit Better Than We Were Yesterday" 

Get in contact with us and we tell you more about
our coaching programs
Judith Cordero
Creator of Bachata Sensual
"Dance Specific Training is really
By Dancers For us Dancers. It has helped me to stay in shape during my travels because I don't need access to a gym"
For you who wants to accelerate in top speed
We want to know you better Champ!
Book your first coaching call with us
It's completely free!
Structure of this 10 minute call
  • Where are you right now: We will run over with you were you are right in your mental and physical journey. Everything we talk about will stay in this call. We respect your privacy and know the importance of discretion 
  • Where do you want to go: We will discuss your short and long term goals
  • Roadblocks: What are things that are holding you back right now from taking more action(s) on your goals
  • Tips and ideas: We here at Be Fit And Sensual talk to hundreds of dancers every year. We will give you some clarity in this call on how you can make more wins in your life
  • Q&A: Whatever questions you might have, we will adress them

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