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Get A Personal 12 Week Program That Is Made Specifically For You To Reach Your Dance And Training Goals.

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A good training program is a fun training program.

The words training and workout have different meanings for all of us. For some they mean hell and for some, they mean heaven..

But one thing that is for sure is that proper training is like a shortcut in becoming a better dancer faster.

II’ve trained 100+ clients with different goals, different ages and with different backgrounds. So I’m sure that we will find out what motivates you to train and how to get you going.

✔️ 12 Week Customized Training Program

✔️ 1 Follow Up Call After 6 Weeks To See That We Are Moving According To Your Goals

✔️ Get A Training Log For FREE

✔️ Get A FREE Hotel Room Workout So You Can Stay In Shape Even When Traveling

✔️ Become A Stronger Dancer In Record Time

Your Personal Training Program will be 100% customized for you and your goals

After signing up to get a Personal Training Program you will get a spreadsheet sent to you where you need to answer some questions about your dance and fitness goals, and within 7 days you will have your own training program.

Ps. Weekly follow-ups with a Personal coach is only included in Online Coaching

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