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Get Your Customized Meal Plan That Fits Perfectly For Your Goals And For Your Lifestyle

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We all know that to get the most out of your performance you need to combine correct training with proper nutrition. This goes for pro dancers as well as for beginners.

✔️Get a customized meal plan that will give you more energy on and off the dance floor

✔️Two-three different variations of food for each meal (this will help you to stay focused)

✔️ Learn how what to eat during a congress

 ✔️Get the body you always wanted

✔️Learn about meal timing and reach your goals in top speed.

Your nutrition program will be 100% customized for you and your goals

After signing up to get a personal meal plan you will get a spreadsheet sent to you where you need to answer some questions about your dance and fitness goals, and within 7 days you will have your meal plan.
(Your goals will only be read by your coach and won't be shared with anyone)

Ps. Weekly follow-ups with a personal coach is only included in Online Coaching

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