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✅ You'll make great monthly profits

✅ We do all the work

✅ Free trial periods & discounts for your students

✅ You (or your employees) get your own Dance Specific Training coach at no cost

✔ No commitment
✔ No costs
✔ No risk
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Let us shortly explain about our Collaborations.

We don’t believe that the current dance industry's traditional way of operating is the most beneficial for the Dancers themselves or for you as a Dance School/Educator...

...In fact, we think the current models could be so much better!

Think about it like this;

All the way from the hobby dancer who just started dancing up to the world's most creative and most driven artists, schools, studios, and dance brands, there is still one element missing,

and that's where we are coming in.

Our collaboration
are meant to serve Dance Schools/Educators/Influencers and their Students.

We help you to provide Training, Nutrition and Coaching - specifically made for Dancers (Dance Specific Training) to your students.

Not only will you as a collaborator get physically and mentally stronger students by collaborating with us, but we also help you to get a new strong revenue stream with minimal effort.

We do all the work, and you and your students reap the benefits. 

We want to hear from you!

Fill the form or schedule a call with us on this page to get all the details🏆
Book a short 10 min information call together with us to hear more about how you can benefit from being a collaborator.
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  • Chat - Send text, voice and video messages to your coach
  • Rating - Comments and rate (1-10) after each session
  • Tracking - The app keeps track of your progress to show you when you beat your records, staying consistent and achieve mile-poles
  • Notifications - Get daily reminders and ease of mind, not needing to plan your day. Your coach and app do this for you!
  • Videos - You get both instructional and follow along videos in all categories
  • All In One - You have your training, nutrition and mindset coaching all inside the same app

Why Should I sign up for 
Dancers Bootcamp?
THIS IS the place for you
✔️ Give and Recieve Motivation to work ultimately work on your mental discipline. One way to do this is to communicate with your allies, but also to attend our webinars and classes
✔️ Communicate With Professionals - Once You Are A Member, We Know You Are Serious And We Commit To Your Success. Whatever You Need To Succeed In Your Journey It Is Our Mission To Provide You With That! Dance, Nutrition, Training, Mindset, And Ambition. 
✔️ Communicate with professionals - Once you are a member, we know you are serious and we commit to your success. Whatever you need to succeed in your journey it is our mission to provide you with that! Dance, nutrition, training, mindset, and ambition.
✔️ Use your coaching calls as a member
✔️ Get FREE Access To The MOVEment Library With Over 100 Bodyweight Exercises Specifically Made For Us Dancers
✔️ Access To Our Weekly Newsletter Where We Are Educating Dancers By Answering Your Questions On Dance, Fitness & Nutrition
✔️ Communicate With Likeminded Dancers From All Over The World. 
✔️ Get Membership Discount Prices On All Of Our Products (Events, Online Personal Training, Customized Meal Plan/Training Program, Stretching For Dancers, etc.)
✔️ Wednesday Weekly Webinars - Dance Specific As Always! Ask All Your Questions And Learn New Ideas And Concepts. Not Only About Your Physical Training But Also Your Mental Journey. We Want To Give It All To You!
✔️ Weekly Live Workouts with your allies
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