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What can I expect from the Passion 2 Profit coaching program?
  • You will have your own niche and you will be seen as the expert within your field online (making sales, marketing and delivery of your services very easy)
  • You will have a unique and compelling OFFER that you are confident in offering to the world
  • You will know how to DELIVERY your product online in the most optimal way. Saving your tons of time while making the experience better for your students at the same time
  • ​You will learn how to PRICE yourself and your services in the correct way. Get paid your worth
  • ​You will learn how to CONVERT potential students into paying students without feeling like you are selling anything. This is done with live trainings, proven scripts, and worksheets in order for you to create a flow that works for your personality while still converting students every week.
  • ​We will also make sure you strengthen your own MINDSET so you can truly benefit from all the wins you will get inside this program and never feel overwhelmed. 
What Is Included More Exactely?
How we secure your success:
  • You will have Live Trainings every week (implementation)
  • Weekly Webinars (learning new things and implementation)
  • ​You will have bi-weekly 1on1 Calls
  • Video Curriculum - Step by step guidance on how to complete every step along the way
  • Community group (​24/7 support from the team and coaches so you know exactly what to do at all times)
Other tools your will get:
  •  The Passion 2 Profit Path - Daily to do list in order to guarantee your success
  • ​The Self Filling Pipeline - Social Media Post Mastery
  • Your Own App (both Android and Applestore)
  • Lead Generating Software (4500 new leads at no cost)
  • Proven NON salesy Sales Scripts
  • Worksheets for all trainings
  • ​Leadmagnets - Proven scripts and templates
  • ​25 Proven Mindset Tools you call use in your own Offer and Marketing
  • ​Training on how to record specific videos for your social media
  • Discounts(%) on all softwares you ever need
  • Lifetime Access to all recorded live trainings and webinars, both before and after you enter the program
What more?
We don't want to overwhelm you, and we always give you just the next step so you always are moving forward without getting overwhelmed.
We will however, when you are ready help you with these things as well:
  • Setting up your Email Marketing
  • ​Teaching you How To Write Copy that sells
  • ​Teaching you how to work with a CRM System & Pipeline
  • Implementation of automations and systemisation
  • ​Showing you How To Work ON your company instead of only IN it (become a CEO)
  • ​Helping you with the whole Hiring Processes (recommendations, legal documents etc..)
  • Networking
  • ​Collaborations

    ​And Much Much More...
Do you want to get in touch?
Book a 15-minute FREE
Marketing Brainstorm 
with us.
In this fast-paced, 15-minute brainstorm, we will...
  • Take a look at the possibilities you have with your; skills and niche
  • Review your marketing, sales and delivery systems to identify what's possible for you in the next 90 days and beyond.
  • ​Uncover the #1 bottleneck restricting your growth and holding you back from starting or scaling your own online business
  • ​Develop an action plan that will get you results with your business ASAP.
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